The ecological parking technology based on foreign and domestic experience allows keeping the grass cover and its root system safe from any damage and preventing the rut formation. Ecological parking spaces are placed on special polymer lawn lattices. German grass pavers do not require metalling bearing layer, keeping the soil capillaries unblocked and leading to an optimal green cover supply with the nutrients. The green cover becomes thick and does not need any special care, whereas the system withstands the load of trucks weighing up to 3 tons.

Lawn grid uses:

  • intensively exploited car parks, such as office parking areas;
  • parking for cars, tourist vehicles, boats;
  • venue for exhibitions and fairs;
  • access roads for fire trucks and other service vehicles;
  • pedestrian and bicycle paths;
  • strengthening of the soil and the area adjacent to any building;
  • carriageway road for cars and trucks;
  • possible tree roots protection in case of rebuilding;
  • ideal alternative to asphalt pavement or paving slab;
  • improvement of surrounding grounds.


  • prevention of the surface destruction under the tires;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations, UV exposure;
  • strong and water permeable coating based on the lawn grid use;
  • provision of optimal conditions for plant growth;
  • protection from leaching and soil erosion;
  • easy to install and to service;
  • various filling options (soil, multicolored gravel, etc.).

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