Roof gardens have already become a promising direction of the landscape architecture. In metropolitan areas devoting much natural space for building construction, green roofs are the perfect solution to compensate for the damage caused to the nature. Besides, roof gardens are becoming particularly popular in view of extremely high cost of a square meter of land. As a result, the use of available roof area made it possible to increase green spaces, to arrange recreational areas and leisure facilities on building roofs.

Using modern materials and technologies, we create a protective coating resistant to dynamic loads, which makes it possible to use the roof area for a variety of purposes, for example to hold open-air cafes, playgrounds and golf fields, recreation areas, parking, etc. Green roofs filter particulates from the air, detain and clean storm water, provide new opportunities for the conservation of biological diversity and the creation of a new habitat. They provide aesthetic benefits and help to reduce the effect of overheating in summer cities.

Besides, it is particularly important to ensure high-quality improvement of yards, including an adequate landscaping of underground parking roofs. The natural area may be expanded through the use of exploited roofs and terraces that will improve human contact with the environment.

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